embody love!


i'm kayla! adult + nd + she/her. esfp + 2w3 & i love my boyfriend nick. i tweet a lot about bpd. damaged and trying my best.
games: overwatch, rainbow six siege, webkinz, genshin impact, pokemon, animal crossing, nekopara

anime: chobits, fruits basket, hunter x hunter, panty and stocking with garterbelt, beastars, initial d, demon slayer, death note, serial experiments lain
byf: i speak my mind freely on twitter. be cautious if this will be upsetting to you.

dfi: basic dfi criteria. you don't support he/him lesbians or she/her gays. you're a terf, radfem, etc. you're a proshipper and/or think nsfw art of children is okay.
kinlist: misa amane, caveira, widowmaker, haru. i don't care about doubles, just don't like you're more valid than me for relating to the same fictional character.

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